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Chad Anderson

Experienced Twin Cities Realtor

Chad Anderson has an unmatched breadth of experience in Minnesota real estate as a real estate broker, agent, landlord, and rental property manager.

Chad combines his 17 years in selling real estate and his experience in the Twin Cities real estate industry to improve service for his clients by (1) selling homes faster and (2) ensuring smoother transactions.

Faster Home Sales

As an experienced Twin Cities real estate agent, Chad understands which sales and advertising techniques work best in various real estate markets, how to prepare your home to attract buyers and get the highest sale amount, and how to reel in the right buyers.

Smoother Transactions

Chad’s significant experience in a wide range of real estate areas gives him strong credentials, experience with solving complex problems, and an understanding of how to accomplish the goals of his clients.

During his years in real estate, Chad has seen it all — closing problems, hidden home issues, loan problems, and fraud. With Chad on your side, you are protected by a seasoned real estate professional who can carry you through any problems that come your way.

Twin Cities Realtor

Chad Anderson’s office is centrally located in Bloomington, Minnesota. He represents clients throughout the Twin Cities, serving residential home buyers and sellers. His specialty lies in single-family homes for middle-income homeowners and first-time home buyers.